Outfit 57 - Green Top Dress

Saturday, October 29, 2011

brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit
brown flats outfit

Green draping top dress - Queen's Wardrobe
Ultimate jeans - Only
Clutch - Primark (old)
Flats - Payless

You already know by reading my Q&A post that we are going to move out of Los Angeles at the end of October. Next week my hubby and I are moving to Florida. Our flights are booked and I am really excited :) 

P.S. Don't forget to enter my [Closed] Giveaway HERE to win beautiful "Naughty Monkey" shoes! It will ends tomorrow night! So hurry and get entered! :)


Wenn ihr meinen Q&A post gelesen habt, wisst ihr bereits, dass wir Ende October aus Los Angeles ziehen. Naechste Woche werden mein Mann und Ich nach Florida ziehen. Unsere Fluege sind gebucht und ich bin wirklich aufgeregt.

P.S. Vergesst nicht beim [geschlossen] Giveaway HIER mitzumachen, bei dem ihr schoene "Naughty monkey" Schuhe gewinnen koennt! Es endet morgen Nacht! Also beeilt euch und nehmt teil! :)

Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Lucky Clover Gray - Review

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here is my Review for 
sponsored by EyeCandy's:

Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Lucky Clover Gray, Circle Lens Shop, Circle Lens, Colored Contacts, EyeCandy's

Eigenschaften / Features

Life Span (Tragedauer): 1 year disposal
Water content (Wassergehalt): 45%
Diameter (Durchmesser): 14.2mm
Base Curve (Radius): 8.6mm

Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Lucky Clover Gray, Circle Lens Shop, Circle Lens, Colored Contacts, EyeCandy's

Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Lucky Clover Gray, Circle Lens Shop, Circle Lens, Colored Contacts, EyeCandy's


Design: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★☆
Enlargement: ★☆☆☆☆

 Love the design 
Nice colors
They are comfortable
Natural looking
Blend in well


I absolutely love these lenses. They blend well into my natural eye color and have a minimal enlargement.



Remember to enter my coupon code

By entering this coupon code at CHECKOUT on their web store:
You will receive a free surprise gift with each order (no order minimum required).


Shop here:

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Happy shopping with my code! 

Outfit 56 - Black jacket

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black fashion week jacket - Queen's Wardrobe
Grey top - Arafeel
Black skinny jeggings - Windsor
Flats - (No brand)

Last Saturday night my hubby & I went to the movies to see "Paranormal Activity 3". Some scenes of this movie were funny and others were really scary, I even jumped in one scene. We realized most of the scenes from the trailer weren't in the movie. ?!?  Overall it wasn't a bad movie. I can't wait until next year to watch the upcoming horror movies, "The Devil Inside" and "The Woman in Black"! :)

Letzte Samstag Nacht gingen wir ins Kino um "Paranormal Activity 3" zu sehen. Einige Szenen des Films waren lustig und andere waren wirklich gruselig, ich habe mich sogar in einer Szene total erschreckt. Wir haben bemerkt, dass die meisten Szenen aus dem Trailer nicht im Film waren. ?!? Insgesamt war es kein schlechter Film. Ich kann es kaum erwaten, im naechsten Jahr die neuen Horrorfilme "The Devil Inside" und "The Woman in Black" anzuschauen. :)

[CLOSED] Giveaway - Naughty Monkey shoes

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Naughty Monkey Boots

Hi my lovey readers, can you remember these amazing boots that I wore in "Outfit 54"?
Naughty Monkey is giving away a free pair of shoes from their collection to one lucky reader!
You will have a choice of 5 shoe styles depending on the winner's shoe size!


1) Like "Naughty Monkey" on Facebook HERE,
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3) Like "Raspberry Jam" on Facebook HERE.
4) Leave a comment on my blog with your facebook name, full name, shoe size and email address where we can contact you in case you win.

Giveaway will be closed on October, 29th 2011 and is open internationally!


Hi meine lieben Leser, koennt ihr euch an diese fantastischen Boots erinnern, die ich in "Outfit 54" trug?
Naughty Monkey verlost an einen gluecklichen Leser ein paar kostenlose Schuhe aus ihrer Kollektion!
Ihr werdet eine Auswahl von 5 Schuhmodellen haben, abhaengig von der Groesse des Gewinners.


1) Like "Naughty Monkey" auf Facebook HIER,
(Auf Englisch) Schreibt auf ihre Facebook-Pinnwand wie du diese Gadget-Boots (siehe Foto) stylen wuerdest und erwaehne, dass du von meinem Blog "Raspberry Jam" kommst.
2) Folgt "Naughty Monkey" auf Twitter HIER ( Wenn ihr beides tut, ist es sogar noch besser)
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4) Hinterlasse einen Kommentar auf meinem Blog mit deinem Facebooknamen, vollen Namen, Schuhgroesse und E-mail-Adresse, sodass wir dich erreichen koennen, falls du gewinnst.

 Das Gewinnspiel wird am 29. Oktober 2011 geschlossen und ist international!


Outfit 55 - Leopard safari jacket

Thursday, October 20, 2011

trenchcoat outfit
trenchcoat outfit
trenchcoat outfit
trenchcoat outfit
trenchcoat outfit
Leopard jacket - Queen's Wardrobe
White print top - Arafeel
Dark blue Ultimate jeans - Only
Black quilted bag - Arafeel

The day before yesterday was a really wonderful day! My husband and I went to Koreatown  for dinner at 'The boiling Crab' and  we ordered some delicious seasoned boiled shrimp and Cajun fries. Yum - I love seafood, I could eat seafood almost everyday!

Vorgestern war ein wirklich wundervoller Tag! Mein Mann und Ich gingen nach Koreatown zum Abendessen bei "The boiling Crab" und wir bestellten uns ein paar leckere, gewuerzte und gekochte Shrimps und Cajun-Fritten. Yum - Ich liebe Meeresfruechte, ich koennte jeden Tag Meeresfruechte essen!

Dolly Wink Eyelashes (Pure Little) in No.8

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fake lashes for your lower eyelashes
Two different types of lashes for different looks
Invisible band 
Glue is included 
Lashes are reusable  


Natural looking lashes
 Great quality
Blends well with your natural lashes
Easy to apply
Gives you a dramatic or natural look, depend on how many lashes you have applied 
Cute packaging

Little pricey
 You may loose them if your are not careful


 These lashes blend in with my natural lashes very well. They are not to long and not to short. You can't feel them at all and they have great quality. Be careful with them, because they are small and easy to lose.

Outfit 54

Friday, October 14, 2011

Loose knit sweater in bordeaux red wine - Queen's Wardrobe
Leopard shorts - Romwe
Gadget boots in chocolate - Naughty Monkey

Naughty Monkey is a shoe company that was so kind to send me these incredibly beautiful pair of boots in "chocolate". As you can see in the photos I wore them with some leopard shorts and with a loose knit sweater in bordeaux red wine. You can wear these boots with plenty other clothing items and you will always look good in them. They are also available in three other awesome colors, in "black", "tan", and "taupe".
Catch these great boots here at Zappos.com and heels.com

To get the latest news of Naughty Monkey shoes visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE!


Naughty Monkey ist ein Schuhunternehmen, das mir diese unglaublich schoenen Boots in "chocolate" sendete. Wie ihr in den Fotos sehen koennt, trug ich sie mit Leopardenshorts und mit einem Strickpulli in bordeaux-rotwein. Ihr koennt diese Boots mit vielen anderen Kleidungsstuecken tragen und ihr werdet immer darin gut aussehen. Sie sind auch in anderen Farben erhaeltlich: in "black", "tan" und "taupe". 
Schnappt euch diese tollen Boots hier bei Zappos.com und heels.com.

Um die neuesten News von Naughty Monkey zu  erhalten, besucht ihre Facebookseite indem ihr HIER klickt! 

Answers to Q&A 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About me

Q: How old are you ??
A: I'm 22 years old.

Q: What ethnicity/nationality are you?
A: German / Thai

Q: Where do your parents come from?
A: My Dad is from Thailand and my Mom is from Germany.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: I have an older sister and two brothers. One is older and the other is younger than me :)

Q: Are you close with your family and do you miss them?
A: Yes, I'm close to my family. We always call and write each other. Of course I miss them a little, but I'm not that kind of person who gets home sick and miss my family like tremendously.

Q: What languages do you speak besides German and English?
A: I only speak German and English. I wish i could speak more languages like Thai, French, or Spanish.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: That is a secret! :) 

Q: What are you studying at an University?
A: I'm not studying, but maybe in the future.

Q:What school have you finished?
A: I went to a school for fashion design and got a degree for state certified fashion designer.

Q: Are you married? Since when?
A: Im happily married since April 2011.

Q: Do you plan a big wedding?
A: Yes, some day I would like to have a big wedding with my whole family and friends together.

Q: Are you planning to have kids soon?
A: Not soon, but of course some day.

Q: How did you meet your boyfriend?
A: We met each other at a train station.

Q: Why did you move to the U.S.?
A: Because of my husband.

Q: How did you maintance a long distance relatshionship?
A: Communication (e.g Skype, webcam, e-mail, telephone etc.), a lot of trust, staying positive and having hope. These are the important things which worked for my long distance relationship.

Q: I am very curious about how it is that you found in the U.S.? Have you had problems with the visa and all these things?
A: So far, I haven't had any problems with the visa even though it is a lot of paper work.

Q: Where can you live better after your opinion - in Germany or in Los Angeles?
A: I haven't live here long enough to make a judgement between the two.

Q: Germany or USA, what is the difference etc.?
Germany: no shopping on sundays // costumer service can be poor// less free time activities// clean drinking water // fresh German bread // healthy food // Turkish Doener  (not seen in the US so far :( ) // if you buy something tax is already included // less traffic and more traffic signs.

USA: more free time activities to do // shopping on sundays // 24/7 shopping or eating // very friendly people // good costumer service // if you want to buy something tax will be added to your purchase //  different atmosphere // ''drinkable'' water from the faucet taste like chlorine // drinking age is 21 / / traffic is horrible in Los Angeles (some people don't know how to drive - you see car accidents everyday) // you don't see any dog poo or cigarettes on a sidewalk like in Germany which is disgusting.

Poooh...! There are so many diffrences to count for Germany and USA.

Q: What are you planning to do in the U.S.?
A: I am trying to make my way to the fashion industry.

Q: How long will you stay there?
A: Hmmm, I really can't tell how long I will live in the states. Let's see what the future will bring.

Q: How long are you planning to stay in LA?
A: Until the end of October. We are moving.

Q: Do you miss Germany?
A: So far I only miss the German food that my mom cooks.

Q: Do you like life in California? 
A: I love it so far :) !

Q: Do you like traveling, if so, where would you like to travel to?
A: I love traveling! Some day I would like to visit the countries/states I have never visited like Hawaii, New York, Paris, Japan or England.


Q: How tall are you?
A: 171cm (5'7'')

Q: How much do you weigh ?
A: 59,5 kg (131 lb)

Q: What are your measurements? 
A: Bust: 92cm //Waist: 68cm//Hips: 96cm

Q: Do you ever have "fat" days and what do you do about low self esteem? Do you ever diet?
A: Sometimes I have these days where I feel "big" :D, but I work out a little bit and these feelings go away. I never have been on a diet.

Q: Do you have any workout or eating tips?
A: Not really. I just can suggest working out or moving at least, like riding a bike or taking a walk, eat healthy, and drink a lot of water.

Q: What do you do to your hair ? ( shampoo, conditioner, mask, iron, ... ) 
Here are my latest hair products:
(From left to right): Moist shampoo - Aussie \\ Moist conditioner - Aussie
\\ Hair spray sleek and shine ultrastrong - Garnier Fructies \\ Nutritive therapy nourishing oil care anti-frizz serum - Dove

(From left to right): Curl iron - Conair \\ Hair dryer - Remington
Q: How is your hair naturally ( without heating ) ?
My hair is straight, but when I let my hair air dry by keeping my hair into a bun over the night it becomes wavy.

Q: Do you often dye it ?
Right now I don't dye my hair. I had overly died hair and now let my natural hair color grow out.

Q: What is your skin regime?
To be honest, I think don't have a flawless skin because I have pimples, blackheads and oily skin. I know - ewwww! But yeah, I always try to take care of my face and cover it up with make-up.

Here are my latest skin products that I am using to take car of my skin:
In the morning: Renewing cleanser - Proactiv and Revitalizing toner - Proactiv

In the evening: Cold cream cleanser - Pond's for removing my eye make up, Perfect whip foam face wash - Shiseido, Lait-creme concentrate - Embryolisse

(From left to right): Cold cream cleanser - Pond's \\ Perfect whip foam face wash - Shiseido
// Renewing cleanser - Proactiv \\ Revitalizing toner - Proactiv \\ Lait-creme concentrate - Embryolisse

For my Body and other:
(From left to right): Bath poof \\ Ultra rich Shea butter creme body wash - Softsoap
\\ Total moisture conditioning body lotion - Vaseline \\ Lip balm in a jar - Carmex  \\ Deo stick cotton dry - Rexona
Q: Can you make a video tutorial on how you make your hair wavy, a video makeup tutorial or a tutorial for having eyebrows like you?
A: I know a lot of people asked me if I could make a video tutorial and I am considering about making one. One day I will give it try and if it is successful and you like it, I will continue with making more videos.

About fashion and other 

Q: I see that you wear a nice mixture of heels n flats... which do you prefer?
It always depends on the location or occasion and how I feel, but I wear more flats than heels.

Q: Any ideas of where you go to purchase low heel (preferably under 4in) shoes, wedges, booties or flats that are still chic and stylish?
There are tons of stores or online shops available. You can find some low heels, flats or boots at Payless, Urbanog.com, Forever 21, Zara, Asos, Topshop, Amiclubwear, Gojane, Burlington, Zappos, Endless, T.j.Maxx or cheap stores at malls.

Q: If you could pick one shoe to wear for the rest of your life, which one of your shoes would you pick?
I would pick some flats because they are comfortable and I think I couldn't wear heels. They would kill me if I have to wear them for the rest of my life - my poor feet :O

Q: Where do you get all your Japanese stuff from?
Mostly from online shops like PinkyParadise, Ichibankao, Shoppingholics or Eyecandy Lens. Here in California they a have some stores where you can buy food, magazines and books or cosmetic from Japan.

Q: What did you want to do when you grew up as a kid?
Fashion designer :)


Q: How long have you been doing your blog and how many viewers have you had??
A: I started blogging in December 2009. I don't remember how much viewers or readers I had, but I had a few and it was growing by time and it continues to grow.

Q: What inspired you to start a blog?
A: Once I read a fashion magazine with a few fashion/lifestyle blogs listed in there, I checked them out on the internet and I was really impressed and inspired by them. Then I thought maybe some people are interested in my style and started a blog for fashion, fashion design, beauty and lifestyle.

Q: Who inspires you to blog posts?
A: Self-inspired.

Q: How did you make your blog known/famous ? Did it happen like that? What's your advice ?
A: I wouldn't say it's famous or successful. Blog the way you like and share your interests with your readers - show your personality. Leave your link on other sites and keep your blog updated. Readers will discover your blog by time and the most important thing is be friendly to your readers.

Q: How do keep your viewers interested and for them to follow??
A: I don't have a plan or strategy to keep my viewers interested. I think that's a good question for my readers.

Q: Do you check out blogs from the people that comment your blog and actually leave them a comment?
A: Yes. My readers are important to me. Everytime when someone left a nice comment I click on the link and look who actually wrote me. I only leave comments on a page when I really have something to say or when someone left a comment with a question.

Q: Do you mind to visit and follow me?
A: Of course I check out your blog after you left a comment, but I don't follow on request. I just follow blogs I really like.

Q: How did you manage to get sponsors for your blog? 
A: When you have luck, sponsors discover your blog or you can also write to sponsors and can ask for a sponsorship.

Outfit 53 - Faux leather shorts

Friday, October 07, 2011

White sweater - Stradivarius (old)
Black top - H&M
Black faux leather shorts - Romwe
Black flats - (no brand)

Until yesterday, it has not rained at all in my area since I moved to LA. While it was raining like crazy, I was in the living room and continued working on my Q&A post which is almost done. Only a few photos are missing and then I can publish it. Today the weather was nice again so we took some photos for my outfit and here they are!

Bis gestern hat es ueberhaupt nicht geregnet seitdem ich nach La gezogen bin. Waehrend es wie verueckt regnete, war ich im Wohnzimmer und arbeitete an meinen Q&A-Post weiter der fast fertig ist. Nur noch ein paar Fotos fehlen und dann kann ich es veroeffentlichen. Heute war das Wetter wieder schoen, also schossen wir einige Fotos fuer mein Outfit und hier sind sie!

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